For information: Alli Gleber

ANA NYC is the result of Alli Gleber's artistic and innovative approach to jewelry design. After several years of cultivating expertise in the jewerly industry, Alli decided to launch ANA NYC in 2009 and has enjoyed the exciting success ever since.

"ANA" comes from the first initials of Alli, her mother Nancy and her sister Angie and is an important tribute to favorite memories scouring antique stores for uncovered treasures for dress-up tea parties: long pearl chains, and studded leather cuffs.

Since its creation, ANA NYC has grown with Alli's focus on the art of creating beautifully crafted jewelry with a focus on femininity - simple in nature, comfortable like the skin beneath, and power through each piece's carefully crafted statement of individuality.

To make each piece unique and memorable, ANA NYC uses a variety of natural metals, stones, and materials including 14k yellow gold chains, pave diamonds, drilled champagne quartz briolettes, and fringed natural leather.

In addition to the focus and detail afforded each piece, Alli is very proud to say that all pieces are handmade in New York City.